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On the couch with...
STREAT Executive Chef, Rob Auger
Did you see STREAT's delicious Pork 'n' Beans on La Madre Bakery Brioche in The Age's Sunday Life Magazine?

Last year we were fortunate to work closely with STREAT and just before Christmas we caught up with Executive Chef, Rob Auger, who gave us a little insight into this great dish. We also heard from head roaster, Matt Hampton, who taught us how to make cold brewed coffee at home.

Seasonal Peaches with Rob

"It was coming around Christmas time again, which means two things to me: indulgence & Victoria's best seasonal produce. It was with this in mind that we decided to use peaches as a feature ingredient at Flemington.

Pictured is our Pork 'n' Beans - a sandwich of pork belly, marinated in our own "social blend" coffee topped with spiced peaches & served with our housemade baked beans."

Matt's Cold Brewed Coffee at Home

Make your own cold brew coffee at home - the perfect caffeine hit for warm, sunny autumn days!

"Coarsely grind 100 g of a light-medium roasted bright coffee - our single origin, Sidamo Korate is perfect.
Put coffee in a clean container & fill with 1 L of water.
Stir lightly & leave overnight.
Strain through a classic coffee paper filter for best results or try a clean tea towel folded over a couple of times.

Serve with ice & enjoy!"

Thanks to Matt & Rob for sharing their thoughts & images.
Check out for more about the STREAT venue's and the organisations fabulous work.