The Goods Unlimited
Raglan House, Unit / 4 27-33 Raglan St
South Melbourne
Victoria 3205 Australia

TEL +61 3 9682 4462
FAX +61 3 9645 0886

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The Melbourne Pantry
The Butcher, The Chef & The Brits
Father & son, butcher & chef, Birmingham born & bred. David Snr and David Jnr Freeman bring the best British techniques to the finest Australian produce.

The Melbourne Pantry combines traditional training with unique cold smoking methods to craft hand sliced cold smoked Tasmanian salmon, British-style cold smoked bacon and more. There's not a lot these boys won't smoke, including maple syrup and seasonal additions such as tomatoes and yoghurt. Sometimes no one does it like the Brits, which is why our Brummie duo also offer traditional British bangers and black pudding, made just the way Her Majesty likes.

To get your little bit of Brit contact The Goods Unltd T 03 9682 4462 or E